Local tourists return from Forbidden City

Cathy and Steve Mazur took a tour of several points of interest in China and found it to be intriguing, but quite a cultural shock. They visited Beijing and toured the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, as well as seeing Tiananmen Square.



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China Travel Tips

Travel to China is a must in a person's life. In this exiting, interesting and rewarding experience the experts' team of China Comfort travel wants to provide you with some basic information that will hopefully be of assistance to both novice and experienced travelers.


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Useful China Travel Tips

Try to get a English speaking tour guide at every opportunity you can. China has a rich and wonderful history and culture and without a guide, somehow, the flavour and significance of most tour sites


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China travel tips for eating healthy

Many foods can not be eaten together, and will reduce the microelements needed by your internal secretion and the absorption of vitamin C. The specifications are as follows:Copper absorb:Copper is an


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12 days Shanghai - Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Hongkong tour

Day-To-Day Itinerary Day 01: Arrival / Shanghai Upon arrival inShanghai,our local guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel.Shanghai is the largest and most prosperous metropolis in China


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Worshiping Buddha at the Blambrang Monastery

During the last Spring Festival, I went with my wife, also a photographer, to the Blambrang Monastery in northwestern Xiahe County, Gansu Province, to photograph the Shining Buddha Festival, held ever


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Wild Flowers in Tibet

Desolate, out-of-the-way places rarely provide a home for luxuriant flowers, but the Tibetan Plateau is an exception. Here, flowers of many species and colors can be found in seclud



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The Potala Palace

Location: in the city of Lhasa, capital of TibetAs far back as 1300 years ago the Tang emperor married his daughter, Princess Wencheng, to Srong-brtsan-sgam-po, King of Tibet. Thanks to this relation



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The Stone Forest

Location: in the Southeast outskirts of Kunming, capital of Yunnan provinceStones here are oddly-shaped,with peaks magnificently standing there like a forest, thus people give them a name 'Shilin' (wh



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Medical and Health issue - China travel

Medical Issues:All situations requiring medical attention will be handled at local facilities and medical service, at the guest's expense. Yangtze Cruises, Inc will not be responsible for the quality


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