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In ancient times the Chinese people mostly used the traditional lunar and solar calendar to keep track of the seasons. This calendar not only kept track of years, months, days and hours but also the position of the sun, the moon and the five stars (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn), the forecast of the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse and the arrangement of the solar term

The calendar evolved from ancient times through various iterations, including the Primitive Calendar, which arose during ancient times when agriculture and pasture was at it’s most basic and the Ancient Quartered Calendar, which was developed to an advanced scientific level between the Zhou and Han Dynasties.

These and other reforms of the Chinese calendar allowed the accurate measurement of astrological data, bringing forward the development of new knowledge and theories, as well as improving basic data collection and calculation methods. The achievements of those who developed and used the ancient Chinese calendar are responsible for China’s domination of early world astronomical science.

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