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Why Chinese is Difficult to Learn For the Foreigners?

2010年1月28日 11:36:10 sz12 Culture

In some foreigners'opinion, learning Chinese has became the most difficult issue for them. The tone and the character of Chinese seem to be difficult problems.

Why Chinese language is so difficult to learn?

1- the writing system is really different from other languages.
That is absolutely a fact that there are a large number of Chinese characters need to learn and write,. Also, the spelling of Chinese is not so inerratic, which means if there are not any obvious semantic clues in the combination of a Chinese character, or there are not any useful radical also, you will completely forget how to write a Chinese character.

2- Chinese can not express the meaning just depend on the alphabet.

English is easy to learn since you can master the ways to write English just by gripping the 26 letters which are written horizontally from left to right, from one side of the page to the other side. But in comparison, Chinese have common radicals to form Chinese characters but do not have corresponding letters. In other words, the radicals of Chinese characters are arranged by two directions, it looks like more orderly than the letters are arranged by one direction.

3- although you look up the dictionary, it is also really complicated

The difficulty without rhyme or reason to learn Chinese is that it may cost the secretarial school an entire semester to learn how to look up a word in the dictionary.

Chinese is the most skilled in using dictionaries on earth, since there are really various dictionaries.

4-there are classical Chinese in the Chinese.

The classical Chinese indeed contains many privacies of the palace which had accumulated by thousands of years, is so terse almost likes certain passwords, is only suitable for the natural intellectual elit who can understand the culture very much.

5-there are so many spelling rules which often make you exhausted.

Maybe it is so harsh, but there are really too many spelling rules of Chinese, and most of the spelling rules are not advocated by the character committee but by the linguists, the most awful is that they are advocated by the character committee composed by the linguists.

6-the tone of Chinese is ridiculous.

During the process of learning Chinese, the most common complaints is the tone, Almost everyone knows that the westerners are so afraid of the tone. If you don't speak Chinese since your childhood, there are many vowels and consonants for you to remember.

It is inconceivable that the tone and ascension habits of Chinese are innate and deep-rooted.

7- there are cultural differences.

The eastern culture and the western culture have been separated so long, that is also a major reason that why Chinese is so difficult to learn for the westerns. Although in the past decades, Chinese have contacted with the West widely, the westerns still can not share the Chinese profound knowledge and minds. Even if the westerns want to be merged into one with Chinese, sometimes the language is not the only barrier, but the biggest barrier is the huge cultural differences.


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