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Many foods can not be eaten together, and will reduce the microelements needed by your internal secretion and the absorption of vitamin C. The specifications are as follows:

Copper absorb:

Copper is an important material manufacturing erythrocyte, which is necessary for calcium, iron and fat metabolism. Animal products containing copper include liver, spinach and fish. If mixed them with Ron higher food consumption, this will significantly reduce the copper separated out of food. In addition to tomatoes, beans, Kom mixed food category, the vitamin C in food will have a dampening effect on the copper analysis.

Easy to swallow

Consumption of beef and white spirits is likely to cause inflammation

Those food which are not conducive to calcium absorption:

Calcium is a major component of teeth and bones. Calcium are mainly containing in milk, Hapi, if which mixed with the oxalic acid-containing foods such as soybeans, spinach, three-color amaranth and Chinese chives will affect calcium absorption.

Not to be mixed with shallots with tofu:

Shallot mixed with tofu was the traditional dishes in China, especially in summer, which tasted very delicious. This style is unscientific, because tofu contains calcium, and shallot contains a certain quantity of oxalic acid, once two of them mixed it will produce a kind of spinach which is not easy to be absorbed.

Those food which are not conducive to calcium absorption:

Iron is an integral part of the cells to help the body to deliver oxygen to cells, could give rise to serious iron deficiency anaemia. Iron is mainly contained in black edible fungus, seaweed and animal liver, eating such foods while drinking coffee, tea and red wine will reduce the iron absorption by human body.

Fresh mutton and vinegar can not be mixed together:

Fresh mutton will good for vital energy and cure deficiency, vinegar are containing protein, sugar, vitamins, acetic acid and a variety of contaminants, their nature are acid and warm property which could lose Hence and should eat with the cold food rather than the fresh mutton.

Those food which are not conducive to calcium absorption:

Zinc is a major component of proteins and enzymes, which is good for physical growth and wound healing. Zinc is mainly contained in meat, fish, oysters and cereal, eating such food while eating high cellulose food will reduce the absorption of zinc by human body.

Wine is not conducive to the absorption of vitamins:

Alcohol interferes with the body's absorption of various vitamin, while drinking, the absorption of vitamin D, B1, and B12 which are contained in food will be affected.

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