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Medical Issues:

All situations requiring medical attention will be handled at local facilities and medical service, at the guest's expense. Yangtze Cruises, Inc will not be responsible for the quality of medical care guests received on the tour.

In most Chinese large cities, there are ambulances with sophisticated medical equipment and ambulance personnel are well trained. Small cities won't have such efficient ambulance services, but there are emergency centers in most small cities. In order to get medical help in these small cities, it is advisable for the injured or seriously ill to take taxis or other immediately available vehicles rather than waiting for ambulances to arrive.

Rural areas are equipped with better medical facilities nowadays and more medical school college students go to work in the rural area. Services have improved dramatically over the last two decades, however local rural medical staff will still advise you to get treatment from a higher level hosptitals, partly for technical problems and partly for safety issues.

International medical centers, foreign-operated medical providers catering to expatriates and travelers, like International Medical Center and International SOS Assistance, are available. Doctors and nurses are at least proficient in English and often other languages as well. Their services are usually considerably more expensive than hospitals and clinics operated by local government health authorities.

SOS International, Ltd., operates clinics and provides medical evacuation and medical escort services in several Chinese cities. For medical emergencies anywhere on the Chinese mainland, call SOS International Ltd's, 24-hour "Alarm Center" in Beijing at (86-10) 64629100(English) or in Shanghai at (86-21) 62950099 for advice and referrals to local facilities.

Health Issues:

No special vaccinations are required, but those who have traveled from an infected area before coming to China should have vaccination records available for a Health Declaration form upon arrival.(Text by James Luke and Kong Xiaoling)

Tourist travel in China can be extremely strenuous and may be especially debilitating to someone in poor health.It is necessary to bring personal medical record, particularly for those with a history of coronary or pulmonary diseases.They should have a complete medical checkup before making final travel plans.The absence of your medical records would make you disoriented when emergency occurs.

China discourages travel by persons who are ill, pregnant, or are of advanced age.Visa applicants over 60 are sometimes required to complete a health questionnaire. If medical problems exist, a letter from your physician explaining treatment and, if relevant, copies of your most recent electrocardiograms would be helpful in case a medical emergency occurs in China.

You can join our tour to China if you are physical disability. Besides the point that we take care of each individuals in our tours, we pay high attention to people who have special needs or physical disability. The local guide will always give you help whenever you have needs.But the following circumstances you should be aware of: Please note that cruise on the Yangtze River requires extensive walking. Services for the physically impaired are few and far between. Hotels are ok but buses and most of the scenery spots are not equipped to handle wheelchairs. On vessels, while a few cabins have been redesigned to offer wider doors, there are no elevators between decks - stairs are used. On stops at different ports while cruising the Yangtze, steep stairs and pathways must be navigated to get from the ship to the roads where tour buses can pick up passengers for sightseeing. Most of the sightseeing is on foot. Therefore, regretfully, we do not recommend these tours and cruises to wheelchair bound passengers or to passengers with severe walking limitations or other severe physical disabilities. Although we did successfully operated tours for some passengers with certain degree of disabilities.

Air pollution in some large cities is a problem, particularly in winter, and respiratory ailments are common.

HIV has become a significant concern in China. You should ask doctors and dentists to use sterilized equipment and be prepared to pay for new syringe needles in hospitals or clinics.

Do not drink tap water. Hotels almost always supply boiled water that is safe to drink. Buy bottled water and/or carbonated drinks. Make sure you carry water purification tablets to use when neither boiled water nor bottled drinks are available. If at high altitude remember boiling points are higher. And water should be allowed to boil for considerably longer.

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